Experienced, award-winning graphics, film, motion design animator, and senior designer with complimentary skills as a professional illustrator and juried/exhibiting multi-media artist.
experienced in...
Social Media Coordination
Brand Identity/Corporate Design
Large Scale Production Design
Publishing Design
UI/UX Design
2D & 3D Animation​​​​​​​
"The Islands (2019)" Riverrain Productions - Graphic Designer
Krispy Krunchy Foods, LLC (2019) - Graphic Designer
Agency PURE (2019) - Graphic Designer
AMPM Gas Station (2019) - Social Media Specialist
Gas Pump TV (2018) - Senior Graphic Designer
 "Do U Want It?"   Abis productions in collaboration with TancoToons (2017) - Animator
"The Adventures of Zoe and the Little Red Tricycle" TancoToons (2016) - Animator
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